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Lakay JD Macau,xmas Party,Golden Dragon Hotel 12/25-27/2020

What Caused the Lucky Dragon to Close only a Year after Opening?

The Lucky Dragon is an Asian inspired resort located near the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip. While it was expected to be a huge success, the resort only managed to stay open a little over a year before discontinuing operations. During this video, we are going to be discussing what caused this resort to fail.

The Lucky Dragon is an Asian Inspired Resort located on the Northern Portion of the Las Vegas Strip. This resort was intended to cater mainly to Asian Gamblers. Everything about the resort was specifically designed to provide consumers with a truly authentic taste of Chinese Culture. Almost immediately after opening, the resort would struggle to bring in customers. The lack of customers would cause the Lucky Dragon's Casino Floor and Restaurant to discontinue operations only a year later.

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Pablo ! : that you?!?! Shit I haven’t been yelled at that bad since I was a kid

Eighteen Sauna, Macau:マカオ 18サウナ(十八桑拿)


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