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E L O - 1981 - T I M E (Full Album)

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Vinyl Remastered By Paulo All
Epic / CBS record label - Brasil




Paulo All : 01 - Prologue 00:00
02 - Twilight 01:10
03 - Yours truly, 2095 04:55
04 - Ticket to the moon 08:08
05 - The way life's meant to be 12:16
06 - Another heart breaks16:56
07 - Rain is falling 20:43
08 - From the end of the world 24:41
09 - The lights go down 27:55
10 - Here is the news 31:28
11 - 21st century man 35:14
12 - Hold on tight 39:20
13 - Epilogue 42:28
Oleg Ismailov :
소래산 : thank you so much.
darekrosz : Chopin, Lynne, Bach, Mozart...
sarin82 : I love the way this album tells a "story" about someone that manages to travel to 2095 (Twilight) and how the traveler is initially blown away by all the technological advancement and all the new possibilities beyond his imagination (Yours truly 2095, Ticket to the moon).
But gradually, he starts to doubt if humanity has gone the right way (The way life's meant to be, Rain is falling) and despite his access to all this technology and information, he still feels empty inside (From the end of the world, The lights go down, Here is the news).
Eventually, he decides that technology and possessions can not substitute every human need and, though still marveled by all accomplishments in 2095, he feels sad and depressed due to lack of love and social interaction; so he decides that he does not belong in the cold society of 2095 and wants to return to his own time (21st century man).
The time traveler returns to 1981 and realizes that the future doesn't have to be cold and strictly business and that there's no need to worry for the future, because we can shape any future we want (Hold on tight).
Alonso Lopez Castro : En 1980 realizaron el LP Soundtrack de la pelìcula Xanadù que no tuvo tanto èxito, pero el disco si lo tuvo y al año siguiente lanzaron Time con otro concepto ya que incluyeron muy pocas lìneas de cuerdas (orquesta) que en aquella època fuè un poco criticada por su concepto original ELO. Saludos.
Игорь Зенченко : СУПЕР!!!!
Leopoldo Ferreira : very good
Ken Lee : This, out of the blue, Xanadu and discovery, salute to ELO.
Lyn Hunt : Been in in love with ELO 46 years of my 64 years jeff lynne you are amazing

ELO - Ticket To The Moon (Official Video)

"Music video by ELO;Electric Light Orchestra performing Ticket To The Moon. (C) 1981 Sony Music Entertainment"
Roy H : this is magic
LeavingIt Blank : "Remember the good old 1980s, when things were so uncomplicated? I wish I could go back there again, and everything could be the same."
steve creamer : Thinking of this song right now...while trying to order a meal in a pub...
Ирина Моисеенко : Волшебно!
Лиля Тимофеева : КЛАСС! ! !
BlackDot : What's with the other languages in the comments (I think it's Russian idk)?
woodyobi : I am Russia...we loves LOE ..best bannded from uk too
Сергей Омельяненко : Мне 60 я слушаю с обалдением 40 лет
Сергей Мокеев : Great musicmans!,,,,!!,
geekie!!! : Truly beautiful


E.L.O. dvd "ZOOM"
Sam : 1:05:50 this part of the song is so entrancing
Paula Soriano : Tanks ELO un my life ...accompained My chilhood
Артур Мельников : Oh my... Its sounds like CD. Jeff, you are the best.
Maria Borges : Mi grupo preferido de los 80
supervi039 : que recuerdo llegue a tener 16 cassettes de ELO y vuelvo a escucharlos
Sam : 38:10 me
Miguel Alejandro : Lo tengo en DVD !!!! yahooooo!!!
Jason Nadle : From Television City in Hollywood... ladies and gentlemen, the Electric Light Orchestra! (It's true, the special was taped there).
Leonel Cordero : Buenísimo
valplaz : esos 45 que pusieron el dedo abajo no tienen idea de la buena musica.. de seguro les gusta bad bunny JB y toda esa mierda




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